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NOX Sleep Drinks says "It is no secret that a good night of sleep is key to feeling energetic, self-secure and happy. Therefore, we created a unique blend of plant extracts that makes you fall asleep easier, sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

NOX - Good Nights, Great Days"


Branding, Packaging, Photos: Francesca Barchiesi

Website: Lamalama

3Pack and Display design: Product Reflex

Photoshoot: Ottilie Maters

NOX Sleep Drink is a small company founded by young entrepreneurs that want to help people improve their sleep in a healthy and natural (non-chemical) way. Nox is a drink made of a unique blend of plants extracts, that helps you sleep better and wake up refreshed and active.

NOX: the Roman

goddess of the Night.


I was positively interested in the idea of helping people reconnect to their sleep in a healthy way. First i was contacted to create the logo and packaging and consequently I developed the brand visual identity.

The challenge was to express the contrasting aspect of a product that makes you sleep well in order to make you feel more energetic. For this reason I thought of using the sunrise to symbolise the awakening of the mind. I transferred the colours into the label with an elegant gradient that from blue smoothly becomes purple.

It was also important to communicate the drink's effectivity although not being a drug. I used a blue and white colour palette to create a friendly but medical look.

Logo research and elaborations 

I dived into an ancient world of mystical symbols and got lost in the realm of optical illusions. Then I emerged to the surface with modern glyphs, sleeping suns and looping figures.

An infinite circle inside the logo

The endless loop expresses the duality between day and night in its eternal cycle. Round and symmetrical, the logotype incorporates the infinite circle in its core. Clean and trustworthy, the tagline goes with it.


and iconography

Nox is composed by 4 plant extracts, Mulungu, Tilia, Valerian and Passiflora, which have individual properties to promoted relaxation and induce sleep.

To capture the essence of these ingredients and to communicate a feeling of medicinal trustworthyness, I decided to create clean and elegant icons.



Fall asleep faster

Better quality

Wake up refreshed


Keep cool

Slightly shake

30 min before sleeping

Relax and sleep

When to use

Rhythmic disturbances

Stressful periods

Pressure to perform

Cannot sleep


Shopping cart

Store locator


Sleeping research


Sleeping mask


Handle with care


Label design

Slim can 250ml

The drink is marketed in a slim aluminium can, positioned in antithesis of energy drinks, opponents in terms of purpose and philosophy.


Sunset in the label


From the blue of the night to the first purple lights of the morning, as the sun rises the mind awakens. I used a soft gradient to express the duality of night = calmness and day = effectiveness.


Matte touch

To give a distinct soft and premium feeling I chose to print the label with a matte finish.

Packaging design

The 3-pack

I developed the concept for a carton wrap that rolls around a raw of 3 cans, in collaboration with Product Reflex, that successfully translated the concept into an elegant self closing box.

Open on top

A new product needs to show off. Two MOON-shaped openings on the top of the package allow a sneak peek of the inside.

Sensual curves

Angles can be weak and boring. Why not using curves? They enhance the round nature of the product and are in line with the cyclic philosophy of the brand.

No plastic

The world of packaging does not need more plastic. From a carton based proposal, Thomas Vlek from Product Reflex engineered the wrap to be closed with only 1 tiny drop of glue on the front.

Bottom peek

The expiring date is printed on each single can, together with the client we came up with the smart solution of creating an opening on the bottom, that allows the barcode reader to scan through the packaging box.

Press attention

Retail design

for drugstores

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Stationary and merchandise

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