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for Nibana

"Play. Reflect. Repeat."

Nibana is a small extravagant festival based on exploration without intoxication. A place where pretty much everything is possible and you can experiment with different sides of yourself.


Initiator of Nibana: Sander Koppelaar

Co-conspirator: Bart-Jan Dokter

Web designer: Marieke Schoutsen

Designer, illustrator: Francesca Barchiesi

Logo designer: Vlad Cristea

Website research: Justyna Krakowiak

Programming team: Marlies IJsvelt

Photos: Sacha Post

For this extremely fun and creative project, my mission was to design intriguing visuals to suggest the feeling and atmosphere of the festival.​​​​​​​ I created illustrations that run across website and prints.

The challenge was to represent the essence of the festival in its dual aspect of introspection and extrospection, represent and promote sexuality in a friendly way, evoke happiness and playfulness avoiding the connotation of a children illustration.

Overall use elements and details without being too specific and leave enough room for imagination and personal interpretation.

The vision

Nibana stands for a free state of mind, it has to do with desire and it stands for freedom, happiness, dancing, sexuality, individual expression, diversity, experimenting, inner peace, community, safety and consciousness.


An ideal world where people can take some of this experience home to positively influence their life and the lives of the people they interact with.


Nibana is an intimate zero-intoxication festival that focuses on individual expression, community and exploring different sides of yourself in a safe space.


Hero image

The main deliverable was the banner image for the website.


I created a composition that wants to trigger curiosity, express diversity and emotions, encourage freedom and sexual exploration, convey a sense of safety and security, raise a sense of community and give room to inner space and meditation.​​​​​​​


A central character extends its hand inviting you to enter the world of Nibana, hands in hands with a string of dancing creatures that fades away into the horizon...

The illustration style is polished but warm. Starting from a hand drawing I used Photoshop to digitalise shapes and colours. Ultimately I created vectors and added texture for a warmer and refined touch.



To evoke the feeling of a cheerful atmosphere in a daytime outdoor sunny environment, I chose shades of different earth colours with hints of bring reds, yellows and blues.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




Nibana take place on a beautiful green terrain in the French countryside. It's small enough to be cozy, yet big enough to wander off. The various playgrounds on the terrain each cater to a different mood.


In line with the style, I made a map of the terrain and created a series of smaller illustration representing the different areas and activities.



Where we

live and eat

garden of eden.png

Garden of eden

Where full nudity is safely contained

workshop tents.png

Workshop areas

Where so much

magic happens

tantric temple tent.png

Tipi of Silence

Where reflection can happen in peace

sacred fire.png

The sacred fire

Where our spirit

always burns

silent tent.png

Tantric Temple

Where sensuality and sexuality are explored

The creatures

I designed a variety of characters with more or less human features to suggest the type of feeling and activity happening in the festival. In unison with the general atmosphere, they want to symbolise diversity, happiness, introspection and sexuality.

tipi red.png
tipi blue.png



Nibana offers 6 types of workshops to explore alone and connect with others. They encourage you to go outside your comfort zone or play it safe.

I made icons using 2 contrasting colours, so I could overlap elements and add a small amount of details for each icon.

The body


Your body is a magnificent instrument through which you interact with the world. Connect with your body in new ways, learn its language and listen to its wisdom.

Self Exploration

We all have an inner world full of desires, fears and habits. Becoming more aware of these and create insights that lead to personal growth.


Expressing yourself by creating something new is a great way to step out of your routine and out of your head.

Conscious Sexuality

Sexuality is a big part of life; so present, yet often suppressed. Exploring sexuality in controlled setting can be a very liberating experience.

Dance and Movement


Tap your foot or twirl around like a child. Dance by yourself or with others. The universal language

of dance has always connected people.


The community aspect is a significant part of the festival. Attend with friends or by yourself. We've created plenty of natural ways to connect to those around you.

tipi blue.png
tipi orange.png


To promote the event I was asked to create poster and flyer in a simple and elegant way. I recomposed the elements of the illustration adapting them to the different sizes.

The design is result of a teamwork.

map icon.png