Next Miles Meals

Packaging Design



for Next Miles Meals

Next Miles Meals makes a variety of Keto, Paleo, and Low Carb meals for camping and backpacking.


Contest platform:

Logo design: artword

Packaging design: Francesca Barchiesi

Elaboration of the main design

The client expressed preferences towards a graphical illustration rather than a photographic one, and inclinations towards the use of watercolour textures and outlined layers. Overall the new design style had to be casual, minimalistic, modern and quite, featuring earthy but vibrant colours.

The back

On the back side of the packaging I adapted the graphical illustration to feature all other necessary informations about the product, such as usage instructions, company story and required marks. 


I created a perspective landscape using flat mountains silhouettes, which I filled with brushed watercolour textures and decreased the colour opacity to create the  illusion of depth. On the front part, the bottom layer functions and white label and leaves room for the written copy. I inserted the logo in a dark coloured rectangle that emerges from the landscape and stands out in the sky, so that it has enough visibility but it also blends with the illustration at the same time.

The front