Next Nature Network 

Photography, visual editor, packaging

A project of Next Nature Network, the international network for anyone interested to join the debate on our future – in which nature and technology are fusing.

The NANO Supermarket is a mobile exhibition that presents speculative nano technological products that may hit the shelves in the next ten years. In the NSM book you can find 50 products from the future, organized in the sections Food, Health, Lifestyle and Utilities.

Nanotechnology is often seen as a trend in material science, but has much deeper implications. It may help to realize our dreams and significantly improve our lives, but it may also have unforseen downsides. Hence, there is an urgent need to have a public debate on the potential impact of these new technologies. 

Nanotechnology is manipulation of matter on an atomicmolecular, and supramolecular scale. Basically you can build robots small as molecules. Can you imagine the implications of this technology applied on an industrial scale? Some products are already out there! You can find this technology in sunscreens, waterproof mobile phones, aircraft wings, tennis rackets and life-saving medicines... what else can be done and how would affect our lives? 

The Nano Supermarket envisions a collection of products that radically intervenes with our notion of what is natural. Some can really meet your dreams, while others have terrible downsides.


For this extraordinary project I created physical models of some of these speculative visions. How is a calorie-blocking drink marketed, how does its packaging look like?

I also curated all the product images that are featured in the Nano Supermarket Book.

What you see below is a selection of products I worked on.

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Bioelectric Bonsai

Coating Cola moves beyond any existing light product. Coating Cola is not only calorie free; thanks to the fat blocking nano coating the beverage leaves on you intestine, all abundant fats from other consumptions will be blocked. The unique medical formule employs three different molecules (piperine, quercetin and curcumin) to regulate the absortion of surplus fats (lipoproteins). Bye bye obesiy! Start your day with a Coating Cola and eat as much as you like for the remaining 24 hours."


Coating Cola is a speculative product part of the NANO Supermarket. I designed its look. I envisioned the Coating Cola to be marketed in a slim aluminium can, with a white medical look. I used the Coca Cola font for an immediate identification. The graphical illustration represents the digestive system composed by a chain of atoms.


Concept design: Frints, Goverde, Meussen, Van der Putten, van der Wijden, Next Nature Lab

Packaging design: Francesca Barchiesi.

Coating Cola

Below: photo of the can, label template and design research

Coating Cola label template
Coating Cola green label
Coating Cola label studies
Coating Cola label studies


NSM Team

Creative Director: Koert van Mensvoort

Art Direction; Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Production Leader: Tim Hoogesteger

Product Model Masters: Francesca Barchiesi, David Menting, Gordon Tiemstra, Jeffrey Braun, Jan van der Asdonk

Website: Pascal de Man

Copywriting: Allison Guy, Alessia Andreotti

Organizers: Next Nature Network, TU/e Industrial Design initiators: Koert van Mensvoort, Marco Rozendaal

Book Team

Creative direction: Koert van Mensvoort

Art direction: Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Design: Hendrik-Jan Grievink and Erik van der Veen

Visual editing: Francesca Barchiesi

Copywriting: Alessia Andreotti, Margherita Olivo, Ruben Baart, Koert van Mensvoort

Editing: Ruben Baart

Proof reading: Alessia Andreotti