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Next Nature Habitat VR

@ VR DAYS 2016

Next Nature Network is the international network for anyone interested to join the debate on our future – in which nature and technology are fusing.

I coordinated the placement and design of the Next Nature Habitat VR on its first launch at the event VR Days Europe 2016, in Vondel CS, Amsterdam.

Next Nature Habitat VR help us understand our world. We built an immersive experience that allows us to travel through different environments where we might live in someday. We created four scenarios (Garden of Eden, Modernist Dream, Techno Favela, Hypernatural Resort) that each present an alternative view of future worlds.

We invite you to step inside our virtual reality guided tour, to discover these four scenarios and join the discussion on our possible future habitat – for the humans living in the next nature.


Creative Director: Koert van Mensvoort

Art Director: Hendrik-Jan Grievink

VR Design and Development: Daniel Fraga

VR Narrator: Kate M

Expo Design: Monika Kozub

Production Leader: Tim Hoogesteger


Production & Project Manager @VR Days: Francesca Barchiesi

Realized with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL and Stiching Doen.

© Next Nature Network 2017

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