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Faux Calligraphy Workshop


While studying the art of carpentry, I had the challenging idea to create a chair where the connection between sit and back was continuous and round. Limited by the material properties, but pushed by it potentials, I created a connecting piece that is structurally stable and elastic at the same time. It is made out of layers of wooden sheets shaped and glued together in one piece.

Spruce and veneer, 795x350x400 mm
Design Academy Eindhoven, 2011

Tile Nest

In the urban environment, Tile Nest offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for Barn Swallows and Common House Martins where they can not build their nest naturally.

This terracotta modular shape can be rotated in all 4 positions, by arranging the tiles one next to each other it is possible to create various decorative patterns.

Design Concept

Terracotta, 200x200x210 mm

Design Academy Eindhoven, 2010

Tile nest
Spice cactus

Spice Cactus

"A new kind of plant in your kitchen, you do not need to water it or keep it in the sunlight".

These containers for dry spices resemble little vases of plants, ironically representing the source from where the herbs come from. They feature a wooden base and a glass top that shows the content, which colour and texture gives extra character to the object.

Design Concept

Glass, birch wood, plastic, nut, 160x66 mm
Faenza, Italy 2008

Spice cactus