Ceramic crafting


Slip cast ceramic,

Eindhoven 2010.

Scarabeo is a decorative beetle-like lamp for walls and desktops, it has a flat side so it can lean on surfaces. The casted shape can be cut differently before baking, to obtain variations of the main shape.




Slip cast ceramic,

Faenza, Italy 2006.

A collection of octopus-like mugs in different colour combination. Small ones are ideal for espresso coffee.

Skulltles ▼▼


Slip cast ceramic,

Amsterdam 2015.

Decorative vases with feline feauters.

Life Cycle 


Fireclay ceramic, plant Berberis Vulgaris, 370x390x230 mm


Artist in residence: Sislej Xhafa

at Carlo Zauli Museum

Faenza, Italy 2006

"An inseparable duo rises from the
bare ground, if you deny the one,
you also deny the other"


Life Cycle is an art installation consisting of a ceramic human pelvis bones that "rises" from the ground in unison with a growing plant. The evergreen shrub is hosted by this peculiar "dead" womb, as a metaphor of the blend between human and plant nature in one sole reproductive cycle.